• Great British Stories
    Great British Stories
    Check out our lovely animation series for Premier Inn
Great British Stories

Check out our lovely animation series for Premier Inn






We specialise in 'the other stuff.' Video and motion graphics are no longer confined to use in TVC's. In recent years, we have seen an explosion of branded content on websites, interactive presentations, educational experiences, documentary style projects, etc. Creative, branded content will continue to be at the forefront of media production and Knock Knock can help you to incorporate this into your organisation's internal or external content output.


Knock Knock revolves around talent. Whether we are drawing from our in-house team or sourcing someone from our extended network, we have the right people for your job.

Our clients frequently find that our in-house team offers cost effective solutions for creative content work. When the budget is tight and the expectations high, you can count on us to deliver value that re-defines industry expectations. 

We also have access a global pool of directors, assessing which we feel will bring the most to the table. Knock Knock doesn't sign directors. Instead, we cultivate excellent working relationships with a diverse pool of multi-skilled talent. This allows us to always offer the right person for the right job and keep costs lean. 


When all is said and done, a film is only as good as its rushes. We guarantee that we'll put the best DoP and kit that we we can against your budget. This is the number one way of improving your instant value for money against spend.


Covering 2D and 3D we can pitch from a brief or work alongside you to deliver an idea and storyboards. We're equally happy to deliver animations from simple sketched style through to photo realistic visions.


Our flexible approach to editing means that we have a variety of specialist editors who you can work with remotely, on site, or they can come complete with edit suite to your office.



Work with us and you might win the chance to see your quote here!


We no longer accept telegrams (unless you're The Queen).